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Our Projects

See what we do, and how we do it.

The Fostering Network


In collaboration with The Fostering Network, we created 3 animations that reflect on the experience of making the transition to a new home.

Clan Childlaw


Clan Childlaw had conversations with young people about their experience of Lawyers and what could be improved. This animation, developed with young people, expresses their views.

Save the Children

Delivering for Families?

In collaboration with Save the Children, we created 3 animations in response to the Scottish Government’s Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan.

East Dunbartonshire Champs Board

The Vortex

What role does the Champs Board play in care experienced young peoples lives and why must it continue to thrive in East Dunbartonshire?

A film by the young people from East Dunbartonshire Champs Board. Storytelling programme designed and delivered by Braw Talent.


Employability Campaign

We developed and delivered a programme to produce 3 animated campaign films with West Dunbartonshire Youth Council and West Dunbartonshire Working4U.

Scotland's Futures Forum

Education 2030

What could schooling, education and learning look like in 2030 and beyond?

A film by 23 young people from Glasgow. Based on a report by Scotland's Futures Forum & The Goodison Group in Scotland (2019). Filmmaking programme designed and delivered by Braw Talent.

Our Lady of Loretto Primary School

Movie Making Masterclass

37 talented young people celebrated their journey through primary school by recording and directing a music video.

St Peter the Apostle High School

Creative Industries Festival

An event designed to bridge the gap between education and the UK’s most rapidly growing sector, the creative industries, by exploring the many career opportunities and different pathways.

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