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Storytelling through photography, creative writing and film

We Are The Magic


The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow, Beat's Therapy and Braw Talent worked in partnership to the deliver a series of bespoke educational creative workshops over the course of nine months. Tailored to accommodate participants with complex health and mobility requirements, these workshops seek to provide distinctive learning opportunities that are often beyond the reach of young adults grappling with such challenges.

In collaboration with the participants, we identified specific creative activities—namely photography, creative writing, and filmmaking—that they expressed interest in exploring. Following this we co-designed the programme in collaboration with the hospice staff team.

Block 1: 6 Sessions


During the first block of workshop participants explored various photography and lighting techniques. The workshop included photography fundamentals such as composition, depth of field, lighting and exposure as well as more experimental techniques such as macro photography and light trails. Each participant chose a unique theme to explore and developed a body of work which reflected their individual interests and passions. 

Block 2: 6 Sessions

Creative Writing

The second block consisted of four rap workshops led by Karen Dunbar from Beats Therapy and two graphic design workshops facilitated by Braw Talent. The young people decided the songs topic and genre before writing and recording their own lyrics (as well as a rocking piano solo!). During the last two workshops participants explored graphic design, creating the bands logo, album cover and merch.

Block 3: 6 Sessions


The final block focussed on the process of filmmaking and performance. Participants created a music video for their rap song 'We Are The Magic'. As a group they navigated the journey of pre-production, filming, performance, and editing, resulting in a film which captures their voice and unique personalities! 

Dear Green Podcast

Join us on set

In our last filmmaking session, the hospice podcast team joined us on set to provide a unique 'behind-the-scenes' perspective. 'Dear Green Podcast' engaged in conversations with hospice staff, Braw Talent facilitators, and the young adults involved, delving into the origins of the creative programme. Tune in to episode 18 of Dear Green Podcast, available on Spotify, to discover more about our filmmaking process and the inspiring stories shared during this collaboration.

Celebration Event

The project concluded with a celebration event held at the Village Hotel, where the talented young adults premiered their music video, 'We Are The Magic!' The occasion served as a platform for them to showcase their creativity and the audience had the opportunity to gain insights from the participants themselves through a 'behind the scenes' film. In this film, the young adults shared their experiences in the workshops, their creative processes, and emphasised the importance of dedicated spaces for artistic expression. In recognition for their hard work and creativity, all the young participants received certificates personally presented by Karen Dunbar.

Project featured on BBC Radio Scotland

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I wasn’t certain what to expect to start with. It was interesting, something I hadn’t done before. It was good! I didn’t think I'd be doing things like this here, anything like this. I’m quite proud of what I've done , because there was a lot more to it than I thought there was gonna be.

Participant Feedback

I think it has been a good confidence builder for the young adults to represent themselves in a creative way. Braw Talent are fantastic how they present their work and also how you all interact with the young adults who attend. The young adults get a lot of fun out of the sessions!

Maureen Donnelly - Advanced Health Care Support Work

These young people are just simply fantastic. We’ve just made a fantastic piece of work. I knew it would be good, I knew there would be a lot of creativity we could tap into there. But to actually get what we got and then to get the performance levels, I’m blown away with it!

Karen Dunbar - Workshop Facilitator

We have watched our young adult excel in their learning. We are excited to offer the young adults the opportunity to showcase their wonderful achievements in learning new skills. We look forward to offering more young adults the opportunity in the future.

Lynsay Bain - Young Adult Service Lead

I did enjoy it, yes I did . It was so good. I’m more comfortable and confident with my voice. Yes! More workshops!

Participant Feedback

I have really enjoyed it. I wasn't sure what to expect but I've loved the way everybody got involved. I was blown away with what the young adults achieved and what they knew. I knew they would be good but my expectations were exceeded!

Helen Millar - Assistant Health Care Support Worker

Well in my experience whenever at college or at school we’re seen as different. But with Braw Talent we’ve not been made to feel as if we’re different and have been able to do whatever we’ve wanted to do. I think it’s important for other people to access things across the board, everything should be available for anyone.

Participant Feedback

A project in collaboration with...

A Braw Talent CIC production for The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in collaboration with Beats Therapy.
Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.

Braw Talent Facilitators Lydia EverittDarren Osborne, Robyn Gray, Emile MbunzamaGordon Campbell.
Beats Therapy Facilitator Karen Dunbar.
Printing by Printbox Glasgow. Event Photography by Guy Hinks.

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