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A creative approach to storytelling

Filmmaking, animation and visual arts programmes and resources for educators, children and young people.

Who we are:

Qualified teachers who develop and deliver high quality arts programmes for children and young people.

A social enterprise committed to making creative arts activities more accessible - striving for a more inclusive and diverse future for Scotland's creative industries.

We work with

organisations, community groups & schools

Featured project

Cinderella - In Our Words

This animated short film presents the challenges faced by care experienced young people entering adulthood and how The National House Project supports the transition.

Written, directed, animated and performed by the young people of The Local House Project East Dunbartonshire. Creative storytelling programme designed and delivered by Braw Talent.


The importance of creative activities

Students from low-income families who take part in arts activities at school are three times more likely to get a degree.

Cultural Learning Alliance (2017)

Since 2011, the number of jobs in the creative industries have increased by 28.6% - more than double the average UK job growth

Creative Industries Federation (2018)

Learning through arts and culture can improve attainment in Maths and English.

Cultural Learning Alliance (2017)

97% of the Scottish population believes that creative activity is essential for young people’s learning and well-being.

Scottish Opinion Survey TNS (2017)

Participation in structured arts activities can increase cognitive abilities by 17%.

Cultural Learning Alliance (2017)

The UK will need one million new creative jobs by 2030.

Nesta (2015)

Children who take part in arts activities in the home during their early years are ahead in reading and Maths at age nine.

Cultural Learning Alliance (2017)

Students from low-income families who engage in the arts at school are 20% more likely to vote as young adults.

Cultural Learning Alliance (2017)

87% of creative workers are at low or no risk of automation, compared with 40% of jobs in the UK.

Nesta (2015)

To delve deeper into the research and pedagogies that shape our programmes, visit our bookshelf.

Opportunities shape futures

We collaborate with progressive schools, organisations and community groups to nurture creative potential through high quality arts activities.

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