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Movie Making Masterclass

The Class of 2019


37 talented young people celebrated their journey through primary school by recording and directing a music video. Pupils spent one day in taster workshops before opting to join our film studio, art department or recording studio for the remainder of the programme.

As well as promoting creativity, leadership, teamwork and self-confidence, the programme explored links with careers within the creative industries.

5 x full day sessions

Session 1

Pupils are given the opportunity to experience each of our departments through workshops - film crew, props/set design and performance. We also explore storyboarding.

Session 2

Pupils choose their preferred team to specialise in - learning about equipment, on set rules / etiquette and shooting 2 scenes of the film.

Session 3

Pupils continue to learn the industry skills, shooting a further 3 scenes and recording solo performers.

Session 4

Facilitators allow pupils to take the lead on the shoot as they display their skills, knowledge and confidence on the final shoot day. 3 scenes shot. Posters are also prepared for the premiere.

Session 5

Key tips for filmmaking using mobile devices and how to take learning further outside of school. Film premiere where pupils, staff and carers were invited to watch the film and pupils are presented with certificates.

View our impact report

Throughout our programme we collected data through a number of means which was used to develop an impact report. This demonstrates the success of the programme in delivering the desired outcomes set out by the client as well as those within our own vision.

Set & Prop Design

Camera Crew

Music & Performance

BAFTA & BIFA nominated facilitators

Braw Talent facilitators

• Darren Osborne

• Lydia Everitt

• Colm Keegan

Guest facilitators

• Douglas King, Director

• Andrew O'Connor, Director of Photography

• Lisa Keddie, Screenwriter

• Cheryl Tait, Makeup Artist


My highlight was working in the camera and sound department. It was my first time using a camera on my own.

Aleks (pupil)

Excellent idea giving the children taster sessions to further explore jobs on offer.

Miss MacPherson (class teacher)

I most enjoyed playing instruments and singing with Colm. It was my first time singing solo.

Carmen (pupil)

I enjoyed getting the opportunity to design and have lots of fun alongside my teammates.

Ciara (pupil)

Our P7 children had an amazing time and learned so much about film making & the associated creative industries.

Our Lady of Loretto Primary (twitter)

I've learnt that to make one scene it takes so much work. I most enjoyed the art and music departments.

Leanne (pupil)

Pupils loved the diversity. Having everything so carefully timetabled and planned was crucial to ensuring all pupils stayed on task.

Miss MacPherson (class teacher)

I enjoyed acting and filming. It was my first time being a sound recordist.

Mischa (pupil)

I enjoyed having to think about what angles to put on the camera when we were filming different scenes and perspectives.

Pupil 1 (pupil)

PEF checklist

2. Social & emotional wellbeing.

5. Promoting a high quality learning experience.

6. Differentiated support.

8. Employability and skills development.

9. Engaging beyond the school.

Film Premiere


The children & staff have had an amazing experience undertaking a completely new challenge. They have grown in skills & knowledge, confidence and in their social capacity. It has been a fantastic 3 days. Thank you for all of your hard work.

C. Macpherson (Class Teacher)

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