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Storytelling through animation



‘Articulate’ is an animated short film that brings to life the collective narrative of members from ‘Our Hearings Our Voice’, with the main character, Alex, embodying their diverse characteristics, circumstances, and experiences. This poignant film delves into the profound effects that confusing, poorly considered, and negative language choices by adults have on the experiences, emotions, and actions of young people within Scotland’s care system.

In partnership with Children's Hearings Scotland and Scottish Children's Reporter Administration, the group created a report with actionable changes all around language, and how simple reframes and consistency could create huge impact in the setting. 

To sit alongside this report, they wanted to co-create an animation that would breathe life into the report, creating a shared narrative, giving context to the setting and illustrating the impact for young people, care givers and professionals.

3 sessions

Session 1

Participants review report findings, reflecting on personal experiences before shaping a collective narrative.

Session 2

Participants receive script options derived from their session 1 discussions and ideas. They refine the script for authenticity.

Session 3

Participants are given the opportunity to perform and record voiceovers for their film.

Session 1

Drawing from SCRA’s 'Language that Cares' guide and Children's Hearings Scotland's 'Language in the Hearing Room' report, we partnered with Our Hearings Our Voice to explore the key themes in greater depth. They contributed personal experiences and insights to help improve existing systems, culminating in the creation of a collective narrative that peers in similar situations can relate to.

Session 2

Using audio recordings from session one, we collaborated with screenwriter Lisa Keddie to organise the groups ideas into a concise, well-structured script, always mindful of language and speech patterns. The script was shared for group input. Initial visuals of key characters were introduced, sparking more in-depth conversations on setting and costume design for the animation.

Session 3

The third session marked the chance for groups to approve the final script and visuals. Participants entered the recording studio to perform the script, infusing their creativity and personality into characters, breathing life into the film.

All sessions were delivered in collaboration with Staf and CYCJ's Youth Justice Voices project.

Animation production

Next, the Braw Talent crew brought participants' vision to life. Over 2 weeks, sets and characters were crafted, and a 6-day shoot at 15 frames per second produced the stop-motion animation. Lip syncing was a new challenge. After a week of editing, the work went to dubbing mixer Emily Wright, who added an incredible sound mix, infusing the animation with life.

A spoken word piece


In addition to the final animation, we created a spoken-word rendition in response to the group's script. This allowed another participant to offer their unique interpretation, infusing the performance with captivating and imaginative acting that brought a fresh perspective to the script. This piece has been used in Clan Childlaw's training sessions and conferences, effectively illustrating the challenges at hand.

The finished outputs represent what young people want to say because the process puts young people at the centre, it's authentic. They can see themselves in the animation whether it's a phrase they use, the trainers they wear or a facial expression.

Ruth Kerracher - Youth Justice Voices (Staf)

A project in collaboration with...

A Braw Talent CIC production for Clan Childlaw in collaboration with STAF
Script development and voiceover recordings by Inside Out and Youth Just Us

Storyboard Artist, Designer, Maker and Animator Lydia Everitt Graphic Designer, Editor and Animator Darren Osborne Maker and Animator Robyn Gray Screenwriter Lisa Keddie Dubbing Mixer Emily Wright Captioner Emily Benita
Printing by Printbox Glasgow


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