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The 'Limitless' project explores mental health support for adolescents in foster care through low-intensity life story work. In collaboration with the University of East Anglia, NHS, and Care Leavers National Movement, this animated film visually amplifies research findings and youth perspectives, highlighting the importance of everyday memories. Exploring diverse approaches to memory capture, the film not only emphasises their significance but also advocates for a personalised approach in supporting adolescents' mental well-being.

Phase 1:


Initial Consultations

Through consultations with the research team and the youth advisory group, our initial sessions enabled us to digest a wealth of research findings, identifying key themes and messages essential for the film.

The youth advisory group provided insightful examples of low-intensity life story work in practice and explored real-life scenarios where this approach proved beneficial. By harnessing the diverse experiences within the group, we established the foundation for a film that not only authentically resonates but also encapsulates the research findings and the potential impact.

Script Development

We collaborated with screenwriter Lisa Keddie to craft a script based on insights gained from initial consultations. The narrative incorporated the fundamental principles of low-intensity life story work while authentically portraying diverse voices and experiences. The group reviewed and refined the script until reaching a consensus and final approval.

Following script development, our collaborative efforts extended to determining the visual aesthetic and atmosphere for the film. We worked together to select a colour palette that resonated with the positive tone, ensuring cohesion with the overall vision. The creative process also involved approving storyboards to solidify the visual representation of the story.

Phase 2:


Stop Motion Animation

In our animation studio, the Braw Talent team worked to breathe life into the group's vision. We dedicated six days to the construction and initial testing phase, painstakingly translating concepts from paper and card. We then had a four-day animation shoot, animating each scene frame by frame.

Throughout the production process, we maintained an open line of communication with the group, regularly consulting with them to review the animation in progress. This collaborative approach ensured their active involvement in the creative process, allowing them to witness firsthand the transformation of their ideas into a vibrant and engaging film.

Voice Overs

The key to this film lies in its authentic representation of the voice of a young person, enabling it to resonate not only with young audiences but also with caregivers and staff who support them. We facilitated online voice-over sessions with members of the advisory group, providing them the opportunity to lend their voices to the film. This not only brought a new level of authenticity but also infused the film with personality and humility.

Phase 3:


Sound Edit & Graphics

After refining the edit, the next step involved incorporating graphics, credits, and embarking on the exciting process of sound mixing. This stage is crucial in sculpting a captivating soundscape that breathes life into our animated universe. We integrated professional captions to elevate the overall viewing experience and meet accessibility requirements.


With full sign-off from the research team and youth advisory group, 'Limitless' made its premiere at The Centre for Research on Children and Families' annual conference. The film serves as a valuable component within a broader research initiative, contributing to a significant project dedicated to bringing about meaningful change for young adolescents in foster care.

A project in collaboration with...

NHS Norfolk and Suffolk

Care Leavers National Movement

A Braw Talent CIC production for University of East Anglia and NHS Norfolk and Suffolk

Storyboard Artist, Designer, Maker and Animator Lydia Everitt Graphic Designer, Editor and Animator Darren Osborne
Screenwriter Lisa Keddie Dubbing Mixer Emily Wright Captioner Emily Benita

For more information about the 'Limitless' project:

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